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Listmee is for Programmers


Over the last nine months or so I’ve been working with a startup called Listmee. The product is a website were startups and entrepreneurs can list their projects in order to find talented professionals to work with. On the other hand, these same professionals can browse and search for listings of projects that need their specific skill set.


Part of my personal goals for the company is to bring about more collaboration, particularly between groups of people who do not frequently interact. We programmers can be an unsocial bunch at times; we prefer to work alone, on our own things. This is suboptimal. Because communication is so easy these days, people are teaming up to build bigger and better things. Trying to go it alone on a project will most likely see you defeated by a team of three or more folks with the same idea. So you need to get out there and collaborate. Just check out /r/startups and see how many people are out there looking for help or for an opportunity.

Collaboration is really important. Not just because you now have more than one person to share the load, but because together you represent a greater skill set than lone programmer. And not only that, your different backgrounds, cultures, experiences, and values all combine to become – and excuse the cliché – greater than the sum of your parts. Even just adding one more person to the mix will improve your output. Get yourself a fresh set of eyes, or someone to bounce ideas off of. Better yet, be that person.

Finding Listmee

An exemplary story is how I came to become the technical director at Listmee. I was a bored programmer, longing to build something impressive and useful, but completely void of original ideas. Through desperation, I was browsing through “help wanted” classifieds, searching for something to do with my idle hours, when I came across an ad looking for a technically-minded person to co-found a startup. I met my potential business partner for coffee, and I was impressed with her idea and her enthusiasm. We set about making Listmee a reality.

I’m now proud to put my name on the product. This is what I wanted. We’re a few days away from launching officially, although you can already check it out now.


In short, here’s my advice to the bored programmer: Don’t be an ideas person; find someone with an idea and make it a reality for them.


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